Sunday, August 1, 2010

In the heat of summer...

As the summer heat was beginning to takes its tole on all of us 2 friends and I decided to hit the road and travel north, mountain bound! Floyd Fest was our destination. As we loaded up the car, deprived of sleep, we left an hour after our ETD with smiles on our face and an appetite for adventure. Arriving on Wednesday afternoon and leaving Monday morning it is safe to say that we came back with our bellies full, our hearts lifted, and our bags full of art & music. It would take hours to touch on everything that we witnessed over those 6 days so i've compiled a list of some of the highlights! Glad to be back and ready to start working on some new UOA projects!
Flem Chen (pictured left) was a sight to be seen. A pyrotechnic theater troupe with a repertoire spanning over 12 years and 1,500 performances worldwide. I witnessed this group fly high above the crowd while a band preformed for the festival goers on one of the 6 stages. They showcased 4 different "sky" acts over the weekend and had flame throwing shows in the evenings.
Rising Appalachia ... "is a genre -bending force of sound that uses both lyrical prowess and diverse artistic collaborations to defy cultural cliches and ignite a musical revolution." -floyd festival info booklet ...enough said
Tom Phelps Studio a talented family that is native to the Floyd area. Tom Phelps hand crafts pieces of pottery for the young at heart and the admirer of fine craftmanship. I began collecting his work a year ago after a fellow artist friend introduced me to his work. Always a treat to see what he has come up with!

Mountain Run Farm
Dharma Punx
Katzinn Illustrations

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